iHerb online shopping!

Guess what…? 
I placed an order on http://www.iherb.com for the first time!

It took a total of 5 full days for the order to arrive on my doorstep. 
(CA -> Hong Kong) This includes the processing and shipping time, boy am I impressed.
I went with the DHL Express international shipping, and the total shipping cost was around US$22 for a 24lbs box! WHAT?!

This is what the box looked like prior to me breaking into it.

What it looked like once I opened the box: (Everything was place very nicely, nothing leaked except a small rip on the surface of one of the protein boxes)



Let’s just cut to the chase, here’s what I got!

Top Left to right:

  • NuGO Gluten free protein bar: Carrot Cake (12 per box)
  • Dymatize Elite XT Vanilla protein powder (2x 4lbs)
  • PB2 Original peanut butter (2x)
  • PB2 Chocolate peanut butter (2x)
  • NuGO Dark Chocolate protein bar (12 per box)
  • FREE Diet book

Bottom left to right:

  • NuGO Organic Double Chocolate protein bar (12 per box)
  • NuGO Peanut butter chocolate protein bar (15 per box)
  • Raw Organic Coconut chocolate protein bar (12 per box)
  • NuGO Gluten free Dark Chocolate crunch protein bar (12 per box)

I will definitely be reviewing each product, so keep checking back!! 

OH AND, here’s a discount code for you guys! 
Discount code:  QZK977