Meet Joyce.

Meet Joyce.

A 16 year old, with a passion for food, fitness and nutrition. 

I’ve only recently discovered the ‘health/fitness world’ on the interwebs a year ago, and have been hooked since. 

Since I was born, I was brought up in a Chinese household and was taught the Chinese culture. This noisy, bright, bustling city called Hong Kong is my home. Dim Sum on a Sunday afternoon is a must with close relatives and family. 

I’ve decided to start a new chapter in my life… Even though I’m only at the age of 16 (people may look down at me but it’s okay, time to prove them wrong), I want to share with EVERYONE and perhaps inspire people from all ages that THEY CAN live a healthier lifestyle.

This introduction may be short and sweet, but I hope you carry on this journey with me and spread the word with people you care about! 

Let’s began, shall we?